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Environment: Impact Assessment - Construction of LPG Facilities: Considerations in Health, Safety and Environmental Due Diligence<br>

Construction of LPG Facilities: Considerations in Health, Safety and Environmental Due Diligence

Sunil K. Choukiker [1/13/2007]

An article outlining the broad approach and procedure for undertaking health, safety and environmental (HSE) due diligence on planned construction of LPG facilities

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Revisiting Kalahandi: Catalyzing the Working of Services for Poor through Socio-Psychological Change

J.P. Singh & S.N. Jena [7/22/2006]

Can we go for some social engineering? What we need to do is to motivate the community and its constituents (i.e. people, groups and institutions) in order to prepare them psychologically to fight against poverty and create a tactical environment and pressure to make the services provided to poor work for them.  Read On

Special Economic Zones: Do they create Sustainable Value?

J.P. Singh [12/29/2005]

SEZs are again in the news in India inciting the author to write again about the sustainable economic value created by such zones.  Read On

Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) Analysis: Use of Vegetation Health as a Groundwater Indicator

Arka Prava Mukherjee & Dhiraj Mohan Banerjee [12/22/2005]

Description of NDVI Technique to understand the health of vegetation as Groundwater indicator with GIS as a tool for analysis. A Case Study of Cuddapah District in Andhra Pradesh (India)  Read On

Interview with Ahmed and Abu Kifah: activists of the Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades

Vikram Sura [12/21/2005]

“The weapon I have is my soul and for my life to make a difference, I have to hit with it.”

Interview with Ahmed and Abu Kifah (assumed names), activists of the Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades  Read On

Heart to Heart with Desmond Tutu

Vikram Sura [12/21/2005]

'The Propagandist' - A Column by Vikram Sura  Read On

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